Paithani Sarees in India

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Paithani Sarees in India

best paithani sarees

Best 11 Paithani Sarees in India

Royalty is a game-changing factor when buying a sari. And then Yeola Paithani sarees come in the role of sarees with the high quality and a royal look.

Paithani sarees is a combo of two dominating colours, one on the saree and the other on the border and pallu. The most exciting part about the Paithani sarees is that both of the saree has the same look, the edge, and the pallu.

As women look elegant and something that you never imagine before, Maharashtrian Paithani saree is one of the best choices.

Paithani sarees have a vibrant and pure silk product that is most popular for a  trousseau of a Maharashtrian bride. These are not single positive things about Paitgani sarees.

In this article, we will share a list of the best 11 Paithani sarees of 2020 or the latest trends. We also attach a buying guide if a Paithani sari. Through this post, you will get the list of trending and famous Paithani sarees.

After reading this article, you do not go anywhere to get information about Paithani sarees.

Let’s start:

Buying guide of Paithani sarees:

A symbol of Maharashtrian Culture, Paithani Sarees are ‘Queen of Silks’. They are well known and famous for pure silk quality.

They are one of the best sarees for summer that is a breathable, mildly absorbent and lightweight material. So, here is a buying guide of Paithani sarees:

Do not confuse in Multi brands

In the market, a lot of brands and sarees are available. Due to the high quantity, chances of confusion between real ones are increased. So, do not try many brands at the same time. Choose the best seller over the amazon.

Choose Paithani Sarees

In the Indian clothes market, a lot of silk sarees are available. Most popular such as Banarasi sarees, Tussar silk sarees, Kanchipuram sarees, and more. So, choose your favourite one, such as Paithani saree.

Match the colour & look

When choosing a Paithani saree, ensure the colour of the border and pallu. The Paithani sarees have the same colour and look of border & pallu. Also, the printed design is the same for both.

Amazon is amazing

Our all-time favourite shopping store to buy a paithani saree online from amazon. There are so many online stores which sell sarees online.

But the quality of the product may not be up to mark on all of them. So, always choose a trusted and popular store. We recommend Amazon as the world’s biggest online shopping site.

Hold your purse Tight!

Another important and necessary part is product cost. Not the price of the available variant and compare it with other platforms and also have a rough idea about the offline market.

Because if your value of the saree is more than an offline market then you should calculate which is the best one.

Discount and coupons:

In the above paragraph, we discussed the price of sarees. The offline markets provide discounts and coupons more frequently on festivals, special events, etc. that can help you buy a low-cost paithani saree or in less form the first-rate.

This is the reason we recommended Amazon to purchase a Paithani saree online.

Bravo, now you know a lot of valid points that will help you a Saree online. We hope you will understand all the aspects and implement them when making a purchase.

Best 11 Paithani Sarees with the latest trends

Whoa, we are very close to finding the newest paithani sarees for different occasions. We listed all the best and suitable to buy sarees from amazon.

We also attached a buying guide that will help you understand which Saree is a perfect fit for you or not. Let’s get started,

#01. Ecolors Fab Women’s Cotton Silk Saree

A Soft cotton and silk fabric Saree by Ecolors fab. It is elegantly crafted jacquard saree fashioned that will boost your style.

It is a made up of soft and high-quality cotton silk fabric that enhances comfort and quality. It is a perfect symbol of feminine elegance for casual wear, daily wear office wear and events purpose.

For a complete look, you will also get a beautiful blouse. And the ratio of cotton and polyester is 80:20. The dimension of this saree is around 5.3mtr. + 0.8mtr. = 6.1mtr.

For blouse and saree cotton material is used, and the colour of the saree is yellow. But always remember the colour of the saree may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor or screen settings.

Features of Ecolors fab women’s cotton saree:

  1. A beautiful and attractive print.
  2. High-quality cotton and silk fabric used in 80:20 ratio.
  3. Antique Jacquard Border.
  4. A Blouse piece.
  5. Easy to maintain.
  6. Dry clean only.

#02. Shreeji Designer Women’s Paper Silk Fabric Ari Embroidery Work Saree

Shreeji Designer Women’s Paper Silk Fabric Ari Embroidery Work Saree


It is proven when women wear a saree, it characterizes their elegance and accentuates. We know saree is a worldwide favourite to wear in all kinds of special events, parties and other functions as well.

Paithani sarees are the pure silk sarees that provide more comfort and ease to maintain.

It is a pink colour saree that reflects your complete beauty appearance each time. Also, it consists of Ari Embroidery work, and borders and blouses provide the perfect canvas for designs along with the border and pallu.

Features of ShreejiDesigner women’s paper silk Fabric:

  1. Paper Silk, Blouse fabric and jacquard silk.
  2. Ari Embroidery work.
  3. Dimensions: 5.5. Mtrs length and 44 inches in width.
  4. Machine Wash or Hand Wash
  5. 100% Polyester.

#03. VARKALA SILK SAREES Women’s Paithani Design Katan Silk Saree

VARKALA SILK SAREES Women’s Paithani Design Katan Silk Saree

Another stunning paithani saree in our list from Varkala silk sarees. It is a traditional peacock motif paithani saree. It is available in various colours options like orange, pink and mustard that gives you a gorgeous look.

This Varkala Silk saree is made up of blended silk which is known as Art silk or Katan silk too. Also, it is a hand wash saree that means do not use a washing machine.

Wash it by hand and clean it to make sure it is safe for clothes and hands.

The length of saree is approx 5.5 meters, and besides, a 0.8 meters blouse is also available.

Attractive features of Varkala Silk Sarees:

  1. MAde of Blended silk or Katan silk.
  2. High quality.
  3. Awesome design.
  4. Length is 5.5 meter, and width is 1.14 meters.
  5. A 0.8 meters Blouse is added.

#04. Winza Designer Cotton Saree with Blouse Piece

Winza Designer Cotton Saree with Blouse Piece

Winza Designer is a well known seller over the amazon for sarees. This Cotton Saree of Winza is made of 80% cotton and 20% Polycotton.

It is one of the best saree according to comfort and smoothness. It is convenient and managed in any condition such as party, event, daily basis use, etc.

The elaborate design on the throw is best suited as per the culture of Indian saree weaves. And a blouse piece is included and comes in a contrasting hue to that of the saree’s colour. That makes it look stylish and elegant.

Stylish features of Winza Cotton Saree

  1. The material used is 80% cotton and 20% Polycotton.
  2. Pack includes a blouse piece.
  3. Wash Separately.
  4. The length of saree is 6.3m and 0.80m blouse material fabric.

#05. SIRIL Women’s Silk Paithani Jacquard Saree with Blouse

SIRIL Women’s Silk Paithani Jacquard Saree with Blouse

Looking for a shining and highly attractive saree then give a minute look to Siril Women’s silk Paithani saree.

It is a Jacquard saree that comes with a jacquard Butti blouse. The length of the saree is 5.5m, and the unstitched blouse piece is around 0.8m.

It is made of 100% Poly silk and peach pink and green colour providing it a new eye-catchy look. It is suitable for all occasions, and you can use this saree in functions, Ceremony, events, etc.

Attractive features of SIRIL Women’s:

  1. 100% Poly silk.
  2. The colour of the saree is peach pink and green.
  3. All occasion friendly.
  4. Dry clean only.
  5. Highly attractive and eye-catchy saree.


#06. ARUNA FASHIONS Women’s Semi Silk paithani Saree

ARUNA FASHIONS Women’s Semi Silk paithani Saree

It is not necessary all the time we like a pure silk paithani saree. Then we need a semi silk paithani saree. And Aruna Fashions listened to your problem and created this women’s semi silk paithani saree.

When you talk about its look and attractiveness, it is made of parrot colour and comes with stitched Rani colour blouse pieces.

It is a unique self-made peacock pallu by Aruna fashions. Saree ends with the sparkling finish of peacock design. It has all the features that can attract you towards this piece.

Attractive features of Aruna Fashions

  1. Semi Silk parrot colour paithani saree.
  2. A Stitched rani colour blouse.
  3. Length is around 6.0m and blouse piece is 1.0m.
  4. Dry clean only.
  5. Unique self-made peacock pallu.

#07. Shangrila Designer Women’s Heavy Paithani Looking Collection Floral Saree

Shangrila Designer Women’s Heavy Paithani Looking Collection Floral Saree

After many lightweight sarees, it is time to introduce you to a women’s heavy paithani floral saree by Shangrila Designer.

It has a heavy Zari Thread work Board Paithani style pallu silk saree. Love to attend wedding functions, cultural functions then it is recommended.

Also, it is perfect for the bridal party wear.

It is a heavy paithani saree, and the length of it is around 5.50m. A 0.80m blouse is also included in the pack. You have to wash this saree separately.

Attractive features of Shangrila Heavy paithani saree:

  1. More and beautiful saree.
  2. Best for wedding functions and bridal party wear.
  3. Heavy Zari thread work board style.
  4. Great quality saree.

#08. Silk Zone Women’s Silk Saree With Blouse Piece

Silk Zone Women’s Silk Saree With Blouse Piece

We discussed lightweight, highly attractive, eye-catchy, and more. But we added Silk Zone Women’s saree for its quality. It is your long-lasting friend.

Also, you can wash this saree in the machine as well. Most of the paithani sarees are not recommended to soak into the computer. But the silk zone makes it more sturdy and durable with attractive design.

It is an all-around performer; you can use it for multi-functions and events. The colour of the saree is black, and the material is silk. It also has a blouse piece.

Attractive features of Silk Zone Saree

  1. No need to wash separately by hands.
  2. Black colour and silk made saree.
  3. It also includes a blouse.


#09. Pisara Women’s Cotton Silk Saree

Pisara Women’s Cotton Silk Saree

Another good competitor Pisara is now on our list. It is famous for women’s latest designs in a silk sari, cotton sari, plain sarees etc.

A Zari Woven work and floral woven design border are the keys to consider it best in 11 Paithani saree. Also, the pallu is stripped. And it is very comfortable or soft to wear.

And the saree fabric is cotton blend silk. Also, the colour of the saree is Cyan. It is 6.3m long, including a blouse. Suitable for an occasion like wedding, party wear, etc.

The attractive feature of Pisara:

  1. The blouse length is 0.8m, and saree length is 5.5m.
  2. Best for most of the occasion.
  3. Dry clean only.
  4. Floral Woven design border.

#10. Indian Silks Peacock Design Paithani Pure Silk Saree

Indian Silks Peacock Design Paithani Pure Silk Saree

One of the high rated or premium quality saree of our list. Indian silks are one of the most popular sellers in the international market.

They ship their saree across the world via Amazon. It is a top-quality product, which can fulfil your every desire related to saree.

But keep in mind, the price of the saree may be high. And also check the delivery availability while making the purchase. Because many times they do not deliver in India.

The attractive features of Indian skills peacock saree:

  1. It is made of pure silk.
  2. Highly smooth, comfort and lightweight.
  3. Woven zari all over with soft finish.
  4. Best for festive, party, wedding, etc.
  5. The length is 6.25m, including 0.8cm blouse.

#11. Indian Silks Self Design Paithani Pure Silk Saree

Indian Silks Self Design Paithani Pure Silk Saree

It is our latest saree of best 11 paithani sarees but not least. Another Indian silk product in our list with additional features.

As we know, Indian silks are well known for their quality products. And that is the reason we added this international brand in our list.

It is pure silk violet colour saree with Woven Zari Butta all over with a soft finish. The length of the self-design paithani silk saree is 6.25m, including 0.8m unstitched blouse piece.

The attractive features of Indian silks self-design:

  1. Woven Zari Butta Allover with Soft finish.
  2. Pure silk.
  3. Best for the festival, party, wedding and more.


Congratulations, we did it. Above we explained all the best 11 Paithani Sarees. These are all the best and latest paithani sarees. We hope now you understood all the list.

All sarees have different benefits and occasion to use. So, now you have to decide which one of them suits you. Choose the best and comfortable one. Have a great purchase, best of luck.

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