Mosquito Nets for baby
Mosquito Nets for Baby
March 29, 2020
Mosquito nets for window
Mosquito nets for window
March 29, 2020

Mosquito Nets for Bed

Mosquito Nets for Bed

Top 5 Mosquito nets for bed(Single, double, Kingsize) on Amazon in 2020

Are you looking to enhance the security of your beds?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we are going to share a list of best mosquito nets for a single bed, double bed, and king size beds.

Some deadly diseases like malaria, zikka, chikungunya, dengue, and other mosquito-borne viruses are spreading through insects. And per year, we are losing thousands of lives.

In our routine life, we spend half of the day with our bed and in the living room. Especially in the raining season, mosquitoes are more active and dangerous.

So, in this scenario, what should we do, chemical sprays, or what?

A best and affordable solution is to use a mosquito net for your bed. Mosquito nets are quick and affordable solutions for all kinds of insects.

These nets are mainly made of polyester or cotton but have a different purpose, qualities, and life.

Besides, below we will share a buying guide of mosquito nets for beds and reasons to use a mosquito net for beds. So, read this article till the end for some unique and straightforward tips.


Why should we use a mosquito net for beds?

It is a fundamental question, and you should know why you use a mosquito net for your bed. No matter which mattress you have, it can be a single bed, double bed, or a king-size bed. All the beds are the same when we talk about the reasons. These are the followings:

Protect you from diseases

One of the big reasons to use a mosquito net is it can protect you from viruses. Diseases like malaria, dengue, zikka and more which are spreading from mosquitos and insects.

So when you have a mosquito net for baby, it acts as a protecting wall to stop insects away from our bed.

Increase the quality of sleep

Yes, you are reading true, a mosquito net can increase the quality of your sleep. Can you imagine the same quality of work if you wake up overnight?

Not so hard to answer it.

Mosquitoes bites can irritate and some allergies as well; that is enough to stay away from you from a sound sleep. So, it brings a mosquito net for your bed and take a distraction-free rest.

A perfect family pack

As we discussed, the mosquito nets are essential for an enjoyable life. But you should consider it as a family protector pack.

Your mate and newborn child will also stay safe during night sleep. Also, it is a perfect tool for day rest as well. So, these are some significant factors but least.


How to choose a Mosquito net for your bed?

Taking a step further, let us talk about how to choose the best mosquito net for your bed. Now we know mosquito nets are beneficial to use for our loved ones once bed.

These are the following things which we need to consider.

Do you know your bed?

Yes, it’s not a fun time; you should know about your bed in depth. It includes the length and width of your bed. According to width and height, we have these kinds of bed –


  1. Single Bed – Width of the single bed is around 39″ x 75″.
  2. Double Bed – Width of the double bed is around 42″ to 59″.
  3. Queen Bed – Width of queen size bed, is approx 60″ to 71″.
  4. King size bed– Width of king size bed is 72″ and above.


So, know your bed and choose a mosquito net that fits your bed.

Choose a Winner over runner-up

Here we are talking about the quality of a mosquito net. There are a lot of brands available in the offline and online market.

But always choose the best of quality made mosquito net. Never compromise with the quality of your loss for a few bucks. The best mosquito net can make your bed more secure and manageable.


Easy to Remove and washable

Installation of a mosquito net is essential, but the removal of it is also more critical. A quick to install and easy to remove is a better choice over a lazy and low-quality net.

Also, it refers to detachable mosquito nets. Washable: Washable factor is also essential. After a few months, they become dirty, so you can easily wash them if they are washable.


Best Mosquito nets for beds

#01. Classic Foldable Mosquito Net for Single Bed

For a single bed mosquito net, this item of classic mosquito net is a perfect pick. The traditional Mosquito net is a trendy and trusted brand in India.

The mosquito nets of excellent mosquito net companies are affordable and long-lasting. This brand has thousands of satisfied users and 4.2 ratings out of five on Amazon.

If you are looking for a mosquito net for a single bed, then it may be your first choice. Classic net is easy to wash, and easy to carry due to lightweight.

For easy to enter and escape, it has a one-side large zipper gate. Also, the size of the bed is best for a single bed.

It has an automatic install and fast detaching feature so that you can fold it in just 30 sec. And the size of the bed200*120*130cms.


Pros of Classic foldable mosquito net:
  • It is effortless to install and remove.
  • The quality of this net us high.
  • Easily washable.
  • One side large zipper gate.
Cons of the classic foldable mosquito net:
  • The size of this mosquito net needs improvement.
  • It is very exact to the size of the bed, so sometimes it becomes difficult to install.

#02. GALOPPIAl Foldable Single Bed Mosquito Net

Another single bed mosquito net in our list which is provided by GALOPPIAI. Galoppiai is a well-known seller over the amazon.

For this single bed, mosquito net hundreds of people rated it four stars. This is our second choice for single bed mosquito nets after the classic mosquito foldable net.

In a single bed mosquito net, we need a fit sized net, easy to carry, detachable, and more. These basic requirements are available in this product of Galoppiai.

It is a washable product and also comes with patches to recover your net in case of holes in the net. Like Classic has a single side opening facility. Check this product if you are looking for the best single bed mosquito nets.

Pros of GALOPPIAI Foldable single bed mosquito net:
  • A unique side opening facility.
  • It is very to wash and comes with patches to plug off the case of the holes in the net.
  • Highly durable.
  • High-quality net.
  • Easy to handle, carry, travel, and open/close.
Cons of Galoppiai foldable single bed:
  • A lot of damage product complaints.
  • Build quality needs more improvement.


#03. Classic Mosquito Net Foldable King Size (Double Bed) with Free Saviours

After the few single bed mosquito nets, it is time to share few double bed mosquito nets. The classic mosquito net is one of the best mosquito net sellers over the amazon.

And their products are also highly qualitative. This bed is a perfect combo of a double a king-size bed. According to the Classic, it adjustable for both kinds of mattresses.


Pros of Classic Mosquito net for king size bed:
  • Size of Double bed is 200*200*145 cms and can Easily accommodate bed for King Size
  • Easily Washable (steel wires are corrosion resistant), Self-Supporting.
  • No Requirement to nail the wall.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Easy to carry, it offers a healthy environment to sleep.
Cons of classic mosquito net for king size bed:
  • The product quality is average, not so high.


#04. Classic Mosquito Net Foldable King Size/ Queen Size Double Bed(Blue) (Size-Double)

Another best quality product of classic mosquito net. The traditional mosquito net is available in king size, queen size as well.

More than a thousand people rated, and sound comes out “awesome product.”

As we know, Classic is famous for the quality of its products. You can see the demo of their goodness in this product.


Pros of Foldable king-size:
  • Size of Double bed is 200*200*145 cms and can Easily accommodate bed for King size, Super King size bed.
  • Easily Washable, easy to fold.
  • Easy to carry and portable.
  • High quality and durable product.
  • Easy to install and remove.
Cons of Foldable king-size:
  • It can turn easily in hard times.


#05. Healthgenie Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed (King Size) with Patches

Healthgenie is another competitor of Classic and Shahji sellers. Healthgenie foldable mosquito net is for double bed size mosquito net with patches.

Also, the material used in this product is polyester fabric and most delicate mesh, which is a super quality net.

Also, healthgenine used polyester fabric material.


Pros of Foldable mosquito net for double
  • DIMENSIONS: 200x200x145 cm; Healthgenie Mosquito Net easily fits for king size as well as queen size bed (6*6/ 6.5*6.5/ 7*7 feet).
  • The polyester fabric material is used.
  • This mosquito net is vast enough to sit comfortably inside and has two zipper gates.
  • It is suitable for outdoor usage (trekking, terrace, balcony).
  • Durable and long-lasting.
Cons of foldable mosquito net for a double bed
  • The quality of the product is need improvement.



Now we are wrapping it up. Above, we shared a list of the best five mosquito nets for beds in depth.

We hope after this post, you do not need to read a lot more about it on other sides. Our best one pick for this article is going to a classic foldable mosquito net.

Best of luck for your next purchase of mosquito nets.


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