Mosquito coil vs mosquito net

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Mosquito coil vs mosquito net

Mosquito coil vs mosquito net

Hey guys, are looking to get to know that who is the best by comparing Mosquito coil vs mosquito net.? If yes! then you in the right place ever on internet, which Helps you to find out your query Regarding Mosquito coil vs mosquito net.

Here we created a amazing and Informative article which also Help’s you to know better about “Mosquito coil and mosquito net” net Pros and Cons while comparing both.

So basically, First we clear Doubts regarding Mostquito Coils after that will move on Mosquito net.

How Mosquito Coils Actually work?

After researching about mosquito coils we get to know about that mosquito Coil contain a mix of substances, Along with the products that deter (Find) mosquito biting, there are also products that hold the coil together and enable it to smoulder slowly which is enough good as well.

Basically Mosquito coils work in one of two ways. Those that contain insecticides, will kill mosquito or at least know down, while those that contain aromatic substances (such as citronella) will repel mosquitoes or reduce the likelihood they’ll bites you.

Their is one simple role of Mosquito coils ” killing or repelling” while researching we also find that mosquitoes has been well studied. Despite differences between the chemical constituents of products and the ways in which they are tested to know about, they will generally reduce the ability of mosquitoes to bite people around your Home or anywhere else.

Burning Coils can Harm your Health.?

There’s major growing concern about the adverse health impacts associated with the burning of mosquito coils in daily bases, sticks indoors. one more Product named “insecticide” are generally considered safe, but it’s the particulate matter produced from a smouldering mosquito coil that poses the greatest risk for your health. Is it really correct to conclude “burning one mosquito coil in a closed room amounts to smoking roughly 100 plus cigarettes” which is one of Hidden truth that no one know’s but as some have claimed?

Read this Disadvantage of Burning Coil Below,

Disadvantage of Coils:

Our Research and Studied Notes estimated the particulate matter produced from burning one mosquito coil was equivalent to burning 68-137 cigarettes which is not good in any condition. This amount of exposure step poses a major health risk, but there is a lack of clear evidence that the long-term exposure to mosquito coil smoke increases the risk of more serious risk of health impacts such as lung cancer and many more.

Our Experience Regarding Mosquito coils:

So after our Research we found that Mosquito Coils are not the better option for you to use in your room while sleeping as you can see up, it can harm you lungs too.

Se we can not able to Say Perfectly that Their is any pros while using Mosquito Coils. Now we directly Moving forward to Mosquito nets and will talk about their Pros and cons.

Advantages Of Mosquito Nets

Some times, The weather outside is cool and amazing to leave the Windows opened for ventilation. However, this procedure is associated with a number of serious risks and disadvantages. In the open window fly insects and poor dust from the streets and roads can Harm your baby and your family health. It is very quite easy to forget about all these troubles. Mosquito net is a great and better option, functional design which not only protects your home from the penetration of pesky insects, but also protects it from dust as well.

Mosquito nets have unnumbered of pros. They are very easy to operate, very durable and reliable and Easy to setup. Mosquito nets let enough light in and have sufficiently resistant to high temperatures. In addition, modern models are fireproof due to the use of materials which do not support combustion as well.

Why Mosquito Net “Better Choice For New Born Baby”

Mosquito menace is now an eternal problem the disease which kills unnumbered of people every year, does not matter how much we try to keep our surrounding clean still eradicating mosquitoes is a far cry. Either at home or outside as well, children and babies are much more prone to mosquito bites because they have new soft skins that attracts mosquito most.

The bite results in bold red “Color” rashes which sometimes get infected with pus oozing out and it is very dangerous for your baby health. The irritation due to the bite is also distressing and most importantly the large number of serious diseases mostly associated with mosquito bites like dengue, malaria, chickengunia and many more etc . Here we only can try to prevent our little ones from mosquito bites. So while seeing this we find Mosquito nets for baby are the better and the best ever option for your new- born baby to “stay safe and healthy”.

Advantages of Mosquito Nets

Amazing quality and durable mosquito nets are specially available to ensure a good night sleep for you little baby. The mosquito nets are effective in repelling mosquitoes and other insects as well. They literally are safe in comparison to burning coils, which may cause some health hazards as you we also mentioned up.

Our Experience Regarding Mosquito Nets:

So after our Research we find that Mosquito Nets are better and safe option for you while using Mosquito Coils. As you also can read up we clearly Mentioned each and every main point “why and How”.

So thank you for reading this article and I hope now you are able to know, which one is the best for you Mosquito Coils or Mosquito nets.

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