Top 9 Piggy Bank for kids and Adults

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March 29, 2020
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Top 9 Piggy Bank for kids and Adults

Piggy Bank for kids and Adults

Have you ever tried to teach your Children about MSN?

Have you ever tried to gift piggy bank for kids and adults?

If not, then start from this article now, and yes then you are doing something special for your child.

Don’t worry about MSN!

M- The value of money

S- The importance of savings

N- Preparing for their Needs and Future.


In this article, we will share a list of best piggy banks for you kids and adults as well. We also added the reasons,

Why should you buy a piggy bank for your kids? And

Why should an adult use a piggy bank?

We are highly dedicated to provide the value in our articles. That’s why we added these questions in our section.

We hope after reading this article, you will understand the benefits of piggy banks and a right piggy bank in your cart as well.

Read this article till the end to know our best picks, let’s start.

Why should you buy a piggy bank for your kids?

Piggy banks are essential and worthy tools for our kids. They build value waves in our children and inspire them to save money for their wants, needs and better future. So let’s start to know, Why we should buy a piggy bank for kids.


  1. Saving is motivation: Enhance and motivate your child with saving skills. Piggy banks are the best tools for children to save a little amount that will be useful in future. Originally, money is motivation. And in this fast pace world, your child should have saving skills.
  1. Make them Goal Achiever: Very unique way to teach the goal-achieving skill to your children. Tell them to set a goal or give them a task to save $$ in your piggy bank, if they want a chessboard! That is call fun and learn with saving money. Here your child will save a few bucks for his goal and ultimately it is a learning for him.
  1. Organise your loose change: Wow, this would be the best technique to organize your loose change with your child to blend. Most times, as a parent, we do not pay attention to change management or spend less. And they automatically convert into unnatural purchases.
  1. Boost financial thoughts: The economic background parents can understand the value of finance and economics knowledge. It is also a crucial part of our successful future. Then why not start from childhood, a piggy bank is a perfect bank for them to learn management from a small investment.

So these were some reasons, but it is not final. There are many small benefits that you will understand after purchasing a Piggy Bank.


Why should an adult use a piggy bank?

Many peoples think piggy banks are only useful for children only. But they are entirely wrong, and here we will prove it with step by step. Here we are going to some practical and legit reasons, let me explain below.

  1. Adults also need to save: It is a ubiquitous thing; adults also need to save money. In teenage, no matter you earn or learn but an adult should save his/her money. It can be helpful in so many future purchases when you need.
  1. Be prepared for an emergency: It is a fact no one loves a crisis in life, but it is natural. It can come any time, at any place, and you have to be ready to face it. So, save money in piggy banks and stay balanced.
  1. Change is not annoying: Most of the adults do not give importance to change as compersion to significant currency. So, if you are making a purchase and getting change, then do not waste them as an unnecessary purchase.
  1. Set an example for youngers: Children learn for elders, and it is a golden opportunity to establish a standard for youngers. Use a piggy bank and motivate them to save money and stop wastage of money. Most of the time, parents forced their children to do not make a hefty purchase. But it is a soft and long-lasting solution to this problem.

Fair enough to motivate ourself and an adult to use a piggy bank. As an adult, you should make a wise and reasonable decision that impact our family life as well.


Best 9 Piggy banks for kids & Adults

Now it is time to dive in our list of best piggy banks. In this list, we collected nine best piggy banks, which are highly rated, popular and purchased by thousands of people from the amazon. Let’s get started,


#01. Piggy Bank for Kids Wood House Animal Designs

Piggy Bank for Kids Wood House Animal Designs

It is cute and the house of coins for children to save money funnily. A remarkable and colourful hose of the currency by ZHENGTU.

You will find a coin slot on the roof of the house. Also, a removal lids at the bottom on the piggy bank.

A correctly and attractive designed house that will engage your child more to save coins. Besides, it has informative and educative arts in the house—also, some animals and grass as well for environment knowledge.

The size or dimensions of the house of the coin is 9 * 5.5 * 11.5 cm. And it is available in different colours. A best, in budget and worthy product to purchase for your kids.

Attractive features of Zhengtu piggy bank:

  1. Highly charming and colourful house.
  2. A wood made product.
  3. Dimesnions of the house is 9 * 5.5 * 11.5 cm.
  4. The weight is around 100g.
  5. A removable lid is available at the bottom of the house.


#02. JOY STORIES Piggy Bank, Money Saving Bank

JOY STORIES Piggy Bank, Money Saving Bank

A plastic made and high-quality animal piggy bank of Joy Stories. It can be a perfect and engaging gift for your child on multiple occasions such as birthday gift, new year gift, etc.

It is available in multiple colours, and the dimensions of the bank are around 18 * 11* 12.5cm.

One of the best and premium quality, unique, Jumbo and attractive designed animal piggy bank for kids. It has two opening slot for coin insertion and removal. Also, a lock and key are available.

You will find it is effortless to hold and use and suitable for both boys and girls. But keep in mind, the colour of the product depends on the availability during your purchase.

Attractive features of the Joy Stories Piggy bank:

  1. A plastic made high-quality piggy bank.
  2. Attractive and unique design.
  3. Two opening slots to remove and add change.
  4. Also, lock and key are available.
  5. The weight of this piggy bank is 250g.


#03. MJ Ragav Post Box Piggy Bank

MJ Ragav Post Box Piggy Bank

If your children are not started to save money in the piggy bank, then start from today. You are never late, just influence your child and praise him for using a piggy for as a daily money-saving tool. And for beginning MJ Raghav can you help a lot.

MJ Ragav post box shape piggy bank is a high-quality tin made piggy bank. Also, it has an attractive and red colour design with few arts. This handmade money saving bank can be a powerful addition to any nursery.

Plan a piggy bank for your child birthday and surprise him/her to introduce a new fellow friend.

You will find a lot of goodness in this piggy bank, make him yours. And, You have to pay very less amount for this product.

Attractive features of MJ Ragav post piggy bank:

  1. A tin made high-quality piggy bank.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Attractive red colour post office shape box.


#04. Toyland Kitty Piggy Bank Suitcase with Electronic Lock for Kids

Toyland Kitty Piggy Bank Suitcase with Electronic Lock for Kids

A unique and battery-operated electronic piggy bank locker for kids. It collects coins and has a monetarized coin slot in front, which automatically pull the notes.

Also, the lights turn on and squeak automatically when you open or close the door and attempt to password.

Toyland is a well-known brand for unique and modern piggy banks. Once you have tried this suitcase piggy bank, we are sure your child will enjoy it. It is suitable for three years or above age child.

It is more attractive and engaging than others. It is a great choice to motivate your child, and enhance is money saving will.

Also, the default password of the bank is four zeros(0000). Colour of the electronic lock is pink, and the dimension is 14 * 13 * 19cm. Also, keep in mind using only fresh 3 * 1.5V AA batteries if the door does not open after entering a password.


Attractive features of the Toyland Piggy bank:

  1. Protected with passwords.
  2. Battery operated electronic piggy bank.
  3. Highly durable and quality product.
  4. A pink colour attractive design.
  5. It will automatically pull the notes.


#05. Chumbak Happy Holiday Fund Piggy Bank

Chumbak Happy Holiday Fund Piggy Bank

Another highly attractive and adorable piggy bank for kids. It is a product of Chumbak that is designed with metal and glass.

Also, you will find a happy holiday sticker over the piggy bank. It is a medium-sized piggy bank that can hold a lot of amount of your money.

The dimensions of the piggy bank are approx 18 * 7 * 21cm. And the weight of the piggy bank is around 550g.

That is slightly hard for a child to moveable or less portable for every child. Chumbak puts a lot of efforts to make it beautiful and durable.

Also, the response of the buyer is incredible. It can be a perfect piggy bank as a money saver and attractive piggy bank.


Highlighted features of the Chumbak happy holiday:

  1. Well- designed and attractive bank.
  2. A mix of wood and glass materials.
  3. Medium-sized and 550g weight.



#06. Forest Decor Wood Piggy Bank

Forest Decor Wood Piggy Bank

A beautiful german crafted wood piggy banks by forest decor. A genuinely rustic bank to help kids store, collect and save their money.

A top quality product with the unique and highly attractive piggy bank. It is one of the best piggy bank and suitable for both girl and boy.

A handmade product and made of highly experienced and master craftsman. It has a cute snout that will make you smile all the time. It is one of cutest piggy banks for adults and kids as well.


Attractive features of Forest decor Piggy bank:

  1. Wood made highly durable piggy bank.
  2. Attractive and adorable design.
  3. Handmade by master craftsmen.
  4. Size is arorund 7.5 * 4.5 * 5.5cm


#07. Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Lefree is an amazon choice product on our list. It is a digital coin counting bank; this is perfect for both kid and adult as well.

It is made of ABS material and an LCD that display counting of our coins. It can store a large amount; the capacity of this jar is around 1.8L. And the size is approx 11.5 * 11.5*

It accepts all US coins including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, a half dollar and dollar coins. You can also remove or add as many coins from the jar.


Attractive features of Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar:

  1. ABS material made product.
  2. Large storage capacity.
  3. It is powered by 2*AAA battery.
  4. LCD Screen displays the coin counting.
  5. Best for both kids and adults.


#08. Tooarts Owl Shaped Metal Coin Bank Box

Tooarts Owl Shaped Metal Coin Bank Box

It is a handmade owl-shaped metal sculpture and stainless piggy bank. To make it more modern, Tooarts added the grid shape.

You can use it to store coins or small change. It comes with environmental paint.

It can be a perfect choice for an adult to save few amounts and interior decoration. You can put it on tables and bars to generate an eye-catchy look.


Attractive features of Tooarts Owl Shaped:

  1. Highly attractive and beautiful design.
  2. Environmental paint.
  3. Handmade and metal sculpture.
  4. Perfect for interior decoration.


#09. HUSAN Great Gift Toy for Children Kids Code Electronic Piggy Banks

HUSAN Great Gift Toy for Children Kids Code Electronic Piggy Banks

One of the highly rated and most popular product over the amazon. Husan used high quality and premium ABS.

It is a perfect gift for your kids and also a steep piggy bank for adults. It can store approx 600 pieces if coins or 100 pieces of paper money.

It is an electronic piggy bank that has three pieces of AA batteries. Also, automatic password protection is available.

It is the last product of our list but not least. It is highly and best quality piggy bank of our list.

Best features of HUSAN Piggy Bank:

  1. An electronic and password protective bank.
  2. A Premium and high-quality ABS material.
  3. High capacity.
  4. Calculate the automatic volume of currency with lights.



Great, we did an excellent job and covered the best nine piggy banks for kids and adults. We added all the best and highly rated piggy banks. We hope you enjoyed our list and will understand the full list.

Now, it is your choice which one you need or fulfils your needs. We recommend you should choose a durable and attractive piggy bank that will engage your child more—all the best for the great purchase. Also read our article on 7 benefits of piggy bank.


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